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Rail Oil Services

Hardware & Equipment


RailOil Logistics can design, build, and install hardware and equipment specific to any transloading terminals needs.  Our experienced engineering design team works with our customers to insure a successful installation.  Several components that we can deliver include:

Transload Cart Equipment

ROL can engineer standard or customized Transloading Rail Carts to fit the exact requirements of each customers facility. A typical Transload Cart provided by ROL would include the following components:

  • Weatherproof Enclosure for PLCs, Displays and WiFi Radios
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
  • High Visibility LED Display with Weatherproof Enclosure
  • WiFi Radio, Antenna, Cables, Connectors & Network Switch

Wireless Repeater Equipment

  • Primary Repeater, includes weatherproof enclosure, WiFi Radio, Antenna, Cables & Connectors
  • WiFi Repeater Kit, includes weatherproof enclosure, WiFi Radio, Antenna, Cables, & Connectors.

Network and Firewall Equipment

All equipment is specified, tested and provided by ROL to ensure the best communications  in the typical harsh environments. Communications are integrated into RailOil Logistics Transloading Management System in ROL’s safe, secure Tier 3 enterprise-class data center.


RailOil Logistics utilizes a sister company under the Diamond B Companies portfolio for the manufacture of Transloading Rail Carts. A-1 Machine and Welding ’s team was instrumental in the design and development of transload pump carts and LACT skids for Basin Transload, LLC. A-1 continues to construct and supply these items to the operators in the Williston Basin. A-1 partners with ROL to offer turn-key solutions to its clients. A-1 also provides commercial services to the mining, construction, and agricultural industries.


RailOil Logistics has a variety of equipment services and maintenance to ensure that the customers’ transloading experiences are delivered in a safe, secure, predictable and highly-available available manner 24x7x365. ROL services include the following:

  • 24x7x365 Help Desk
  • Solution customization
  • Field-level support both on-line and on-site
  • Equipment Maintenance, routine and emergency
  • Retrofit and Upgrade Services – ROL can work with customers’ existing vendors on transloading cart upgrades when necessary, and provide seamless integration into RailOil Logistics Transloading Management System.

Terminal Services

Network Design

RailOil Logistics also has expertise in designing and equipping terminals with the optimal networking infrastructure. Custom industrial grade wireless and/ or fiber optic networks can be designed and installed to meet the needs of the customer for real-time monitoring transloading operations.

A typical ROL Transloading Management System includes deployment with the following:

  • Network Firewall with VPN and secondary Internet Failover
  • Backup Internet Service equipment via Wireless Carriers
  • Recurring Monthly 3G/4G Service

Video Surveillance


RailOil Logistics can provide a ruggedized, weatherproofed, multi-camera high definition system that will record railcars departing your facility to document compliance of seal installation. The system can be expanded to include Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ)  cameras for overall rail yard security and compliance. Multiple facility DVR video streams can be consolidated and backed up in a central location if desired.  Video Surveillance examples include:

  • Railcar Security & Compliance
  • LACT Station Surveillance
  • Tank Surveillance

Schedule smarter and faster

With our powerful and easy-to-use scheduler module you can automatically create conflict-free schedules, copy shifts, import schedules and more. The scheduler is a full featured workforce management tool that also includes a training module, time clock, payroll and HR, and it’s all fully mobile.  Implement the features that you need now, and have the flexibility to expand as you go. Configurable features include:

  • Interactive Drag-n-Drop interface simplifies the scheduling process and eliminates mistakes
  • Update and post schedules in real-time to provide instant visibility to managers and employees
  • Collaborative scheduling reduces managers workload
  • Eliminate schedule conflicts due to overlapping shifts, overtime and unavailability
  • Train your staff and track progress with the learning management features
  • Provide secure, centralized HR document management and storage of information


Scheduler 2

Professional Services

Professional Services

With over fifteen years real-world experience in rail logistics, RailOil Logistics (ROL) can help you better understand and request rail capacity requirements that are necessary for the application of new service agreements and continued rail service to reduce rail interruptions. ROL has helped on terminal and track design, creating a fast, safe, and smooth transfer of your product. Our terminal design has proven to be economical, safe, secure and  preferred by most rail lines.

We Speak “Railroad”

With a strong relationship with a numerous railroad companies, ROL knows how to communicate and work with railroads. We speak their language. We take our instructions from you and translate it so there is no miscommunication with other railway companies. Sending delivery instructions to different railway companies can be confusing. ROL not only manages switching schedules but also matches the capacities of the origin terminal, railway service, and destination terminal with your product volumes creating the most cost-effective shipping options for your business.

Services we offer:

  • Terminal Automation and Design
  • Process Improvement Consulting
  • Data Analysis Consulting
  • Transloading Terminal Management and Forecasting
  • Systems Integration
  • Training / Support
  • Project Management
  • Hardware & Software Maintenance

Transloading Management

ROL maintains a 24/7/365 day operations center at our headquarters in Billings, MT. Our staff has direct communication with all transloading operations in all of the terminals we manage. We stay on top of all aspects of the transloading operations ensuring data quality and accuracy throughout the process.

Call Center Support – Our call center staff are experts in managing the transloading process and systems from both Truck and Tank to Rail. They insure that accurate information is captured in the ROL systems as per customer requirements. The call center is staffed 24/7/365. Our customers have the option of utilizing this resource either full-time (outsourced) or on an as needed basis providing initial access and communications parameters are established.

Enterprise Data

Enterprise Data
The RailOil Logistics Transloading Management System is an enterprise-class, mission critical business system. To ensure its availability, security and performance, it is deployed and supported in the Parsec Data Management full-service, Tier 3 qualified commercial data center located in the Transtech Center campus in Billings, Montana.

Designed and built for the specific purpose of safely and securely managing clients critical data, Parsec Data Management (a Diamond B company)has obtained, maintained, and demonstrated SSAE 16/SOC 1 Type II, PCI, and HIPAA compliances. Additionally, RailOil Logistics’ customers and partners can also take advantage of Parsec Data Management’s tailored solutions including hosting, colocation, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures. We have partners in data centers around the country and are able to offer geographical diversity if desired.

Parsec Data Management’s Cloud Computing solutions, all built upon industry-leading VMware technologies, enable RailOil Logistic’s customers and partners to take advantage of hosted Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Solutions without having to fully migrate off their existing infrastructure.

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