About Us

About Us

We have been working with most major rail carriers in one capacity or another since the 1990’s. It all began with Bonnie and Clyde……not the gangsters – the Rail Plows. Back in 1995, our parent company had the vision and innovation to design and construct the two largest, and arguably best, machines for installing conduit (read fiber optic cable) in North America. These two machines, named Bonnie and Clyde, were responsible for installing thousands of miles of conduit in railroad right-of-way during the telecom boom. They were also responsible for launching our relationship with railroads.

Even before the Bakken became big news, we recognized the significant role rail would play in the development of this resource. We were early developers of several crude oil, frac sand and NGL transloading sites in North Dakota. RailOil Logistics (ROL) is a logical extension of our quest to streamline processes and maximize efficiencies in rail transload operations. ROL provides a field-proven, 3 Tier data acquisition and automation platform that facilitates the gathering of real time data from crude oil transloading carts and integrates systems to make shipping a train simple. The ROL system includes:

  • Enterprise-class Transloading Management System
  • Railcar Billing System
  • Cloud-based Reporting
  • Redundant Thin Client Xfer Managers w/UPS (located on site)
  • Thin Client Viewers for Call Center Staff
  • PLC/ Firmware/LED Displays/ WiFi Radios & Peripherals
  • On-going Monitoring / Maintenance / Support of System
  • System Hosted in a Safe, Secure Tier 3, enterprise-class Data Center

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