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RailOil Logistics (ROL) is a single source provider of industry leading solutions for transloading terminals.  ”We Speak Railroad” at ROL, and that is why we are able to form strong relationships with our customers and facilitate critical communication with the Railroads.  We have the experience, and the expertise to deliver robust technology solutions and applications that automate terminals to provide never before seen efficiency, accuracy and profit!  Custom or standardized, ROL has the design and engineering horsepower to build and install equipment in any transloading environment, for a wide array of products.  To tie it all together,  ROL also provides the necessary customer focused services, maintenance, and support to make every solution that we implement a success.




Transloading Management System


Track Oil, and more...

The RailOil Logistics Transloading Management System provides automated logistics for the transport of your product. It provides you real-time inventory of your product (crude oil, diesel, natural gas) from truck LACT to tanks to railcars.

In addition, the ROL system can accommodate other products, such as sand, grain, lumber, or pipe.  Users can  define products by name, how they are measured (pounds, tons, barrels, etc.), and location type (tank, railcar, truck, etc).

Whatever product you are transloading, ROL can track it throughout its  entire journey.  





Automated Carts

Transfer Manager

Automated Carts

Track your loading data as it happens. The RailOil Logistics “smart” transloading equipment is part of a fully automated data management system. As transfer equipment pumps and meters your oil volume from truck or tank to rail, our “smart cart” automatically transfers the loading information into your supply chain system.

ROL’s Transloading Management System manages and tracks transfers of products from one location to another. Transfers are monitored from a real-time dashboard allowing operators to see instantly the progress of each transfer.

Xfer Manager

RailOil Logistics Transloading Management System comes standard with a real-time management dashboard consisting of multiple SCADA devices. With ROL’s Xfer Management, users can track all transfers in real-time and simultaneously. Custom development and integration of your SCADA devices is available as well so that you can use your existing system with the ROL Xfer Manager.

  • Track flow, averages and totals on the current transfer in real-time
  • Identify the exact truck or tank your pulling from
  • Easy-to-read dial, chart pump and cart activities
  • View each individual railcar exact specifications


Manage Inventory Locations

The RailOil Logistics Transloading Management System provides visibility into, and management of, inventory locations. Inventory locations often return time after time (think railcars and trucks). The system has built-in intelligence to determine if the inventory location is a new or an existing visit. This is especially important with the ROL integration to railroad systems where fleets of railcars continuously return to the same terminal.



Simple, Accurate Shipping


Shipping your train (all of them) is now simple.  RailOil Logistics Transloading Management System is automated and integrated with the railroad systems, so all the information about a train and its route are instantly transferred to the railroad systems. The amount of labor to launch a train is significantly reduced and turnaround time and mistakes are also dramatically reduced.

Bills of Lading

Automate BOL's

As the RailOil Logistics Transloading Management System supports integration with railroad systems, it can automatically submit electronic Bills of Lading to the Railroad allowing a significantly faster turn of a unit train, and the elimination of nearly all manual intervention. This results in increased accuracy and reduced delays.

Bills of Lading


Create, print, email reports


The RailOil Logistics Transloading Management System collects real-time data that can be monitored on the system dashboard at any given time.  It also comes standard with complete reporting capabilities allowing users, including  schedulers, accounting, and terminal personnel, to see all historical transactions that have been completed.

Ad-hoc utilities allow users to select any date and time range for their reports.  All information is downloadable into XLS and CSV formats, and custom reports and extracts can also be developed for viewing online, download, or electronic transfer (FTP, Message Queue, etc).

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